As an entrepreneur, you will encounter new horizontal and vertical collaboration opportunities on a daily basis. We have noticed that entrepreneurs are very inventive, and are able to use very few resources to achieve some truly great results. But such inventive collaborations also require legally binding solutions.

After all, good agreements make good friends. This age-old proverb is now extremely relevant in our increasingly digital commercial market. Clear and legally-enforcible agreements between parties will help to avoid frustration and prevent disputes from escalating further.

Our objective is to guide you through every aspect of company and economic law. Such agreements can relate to:

  • Supplier relationships;
  • Distribution, commercial agency, franchise and/or other types of cooperation;
  • Purchase and sale of movable and immovable property and assets;
  • Contracting and construction;
  • Rental, property and legal tenure;
  • Loans and banking agreements;
  • Compelling consumer protection, unfair trade and market practices, and fair competition;
  • E-commerce;
  • General conditions that form a legal framework for supplying your products or services.

This guidance involves helping you with pre-contractual advice, supporting and/or overseeing negotiations, and reviewing (international) commercial contracts. Naturally, this will be accompanied by comprehensive information about underlying opportunities, risks and bottlenecks. Thanks to our court experience, we are perfectly placed to judge the impact of certain commitments for your company, and how bottlenecks can be resolved during difficult negotiations.

Furthermore, we will also be at your disposal when finding solutions for disputes relating to company and economic law. Our aim is to avoid stand-offs wherever possible, and we will also try to pursue the most cost-efficient solution available. In every dossier, we will explore every possibility to arrive at an amicable arrangement.

It is worth repeating that, first and foremost, our task involves avoiding disputes instead of trying to rectify them. Legal proceedings, which involve fast and effective action, will only be advised if another suitable remedy is no longer possible.