During legal proceedings and/or negotiations, it is difficult to know exactly how a case will develop, because this is determined by several uncertain factors, not least the actions or attitude of the counter party.

That is why we normally implement an hourly fee which - depending on the nature and complexity of the dossier, the used resources and the urgency - will be discussed with the client before activities are started. Prior to each case, you will receive a clear written agreement containing the agreed fees and an explanation about how legal fees are calculated.

Wherever possible, we can also estimate how much time we will require as well as the financial consequences.

Because we believe it is important for you to always have an overview of the work that we are carrying out, we will offer you detailed overviews of already performed activities, either on a regular basis or upon request. As the dossier progresses, you will be invited to pay the owed fees, so that financial surprises are avoided once the dossier is concluded.

The overview of costs and fees will always contain four elements:

  1. administration costs
  2. the fee
  3. legal costs
  4. expenditure

The administration costs of lawyers include fixed general costs for running the firm, as well as specific dossier-related costs for executing services requested by clients.

The fee includes payment for the actual activities of the lawyer. These activities consist of, for example (non-exhaustive), studying documents, consultations, meetings, compiling letters, advice, court time, procedural actions, closing arguments, telephone calls, etc.

Legal costs and expenditure includes costs that the lawyer has had to advance or owes to third parties, such as bailiffs, the court clerk, translators and public bodies.