As lawyers, we make decisions about very complex legal issues on a daily basis, but always do so with the specific needs of our clients in mind. We try to guide our clients through the legal minefield and attempt to explain complicated terms in an understandable manner, so that we can resolve each dispute in a proactive and innovative manner.

Our mission is characterised by the following values:

  • Proactive and conflict management: We will be your partner even before an issue becomes a problem. We try to focus on providing preventive legal advice. If a conflict is unavoidable, we will search for a stable and lasting solution.
  • Quality and thoroughness: We do not attempt to be the biggest or the fastest; we prefer to focus on a professional, personal and thorough legal service based on research and thoroughness.
  • Customer focus: We always offer the first consultation free of charge, so that your dossier can be analysed.
  • No-nonsense: One clear solution, tailor-made for the client. We try to offer practical advice that allows clients to make well-founded decisions.