When players in the construction sector establish contracts with one another, the quality of the working relationship plays an important role and undeniably has an impact on whether or not construction projects are completed successfully. After all, various parties must work together to construct a building. However, considering the various interests involved, the construction sector traditionally tends to be a source of many disputes. Clients demand perfection while contractors want to pursue their economic interests, which means they will encounter legal issues sooner or later.

We can legally guide you in every phase of your project, from compiling the required agreements with contractors, architects and buyers, to conducting a legal investigation if there are disputes about inspection or construction errors in the building. We can work together to first explore amicable solutions via negotiations, and will advise you about both amicable and legal options. We will try to avoid stand-offs wherever possible, and will always try to adopt the most cost-efficient solution when doing so.

It is worth repeating that, first and foremost, our task involves avoiding disputes instead of trying to rectify them. If the (construction) dispute cannot be avoided, we will try to resolve it in a fast and efficient manner, so that unnecessary delays in your project are minimised wherever possible. Legal proceedings, which involve fast and appropriate action, will only be advised if another suitable remedy is no longer possible.