Entrepreneurship and
commercial agreements


There is no such thing as risk-free entrepreneurship. Companies can encounter difficulties at any moment in time due to economic shocks and/or other reasons. If financial difficulties are encountered, entrepreneurs can be exposed to increasing (mental) pressure. This in-turn compromises the judgement of entrepreneurs when making important decisions. In order to safeguard and even restore the continuity of your company, it is extremely important to suitably and swiftly anticipate financial difficulties by implementing the required legal measures.

Over the years, in his role as solicitor, Mr. Van Rompaey has been instructed by the commercial court to settle more than 300 bankruptcies, judicial liquidations, legal reorganisations and administrations. For the past few years, he has been supported by Mr. Niels Feytons, who has also been appointed as a curator in the meantime.

We will use our experience and know-how to guide you though various viability issues encountered by your company. We can assist and advise you in legal reorganisation procedures, offer advice during amicable restructuring initiatives, and set up individual negotiations with your creditors so that you can re-establish a long-term business relationship.

A little bit of breathing space for your company is the first thing that our services will try to achieve. We will use an adequate and efficient legal framework to devise solutions for maintaining continuity; we will aim to create an overview; and will offer an insight and outlook into the financial health of your company. If your company’s credit has been irreversibly damaged, we can also guide you when applying for suspension of payments and further settling a bankruptcy.

In addition, we can assist creditors when submitting debt claims and perform an in-depth investigation into so-called ‘suspicious’ bankruptcies.

Finally, we can also assist you when transferring assets from bankrupt companies and companies that are subject to judicial reorganisation.

Thanks to our experience, our firm is the perfect partner for:

  • Assisting companies in difficulty;
  • Assisting the creditors of companies in difficulty;
  • Assisting potential buyers of assets in bankruptcies/judicial reorganisations;
  • Assisting bankrupts when settling bankruptcies.